Why is CN so popular?

1. It doesn't break the bank to put an Advertisement. With a town population of 60,000 you can make a nice exposure to your business.

2. It is designed to help small businesses not only to survive but to Grow during the hard times that can kill off even the established, medium sized companies.

3. It's virtually competitor-proof! We guarantee that if you put your Ad, your competitor will not be accepted to put theirs... but this means first come first served!

4. The world is changing and we need to adapt to it. As a result, many displaced executives are starting their own business and they need your help and the advantages of  to survive in the early formative years of the business cycle. Over 50% of all new businesses fail in the first two years.  is designed to reverse this and help all small businesses to be successful. This is why we want to make sure there is a  franchise in every town, and city in Canada. Its goal, for every community it touches, is to bring back prosperity from the ground-up! It is a win-win situation.