Who Reads CN?

s provides a light and entertaining reading that patrons pick up on the way in to their favorite restaurant and that patients read while waiting to see the doctor.

Surveys have shown that each copy is read five to seven times in local restaurants and even more in medical waiting rooms. Readers have plenty of time to thoroughly enjoy its' content and, when finished, usually return it to the literature rack, a rack that is uniquely designed just for .

Every week a new issue is delivered to the rack and old copies are recycled. has loyal readers who pick up a copy each week for a variety of reasons. For some it is to check their weekly horoscope, for others it is to see what is going on in their community, and many test their knowledge with trivia and like to be generally entertained.

For these reasons and more, is the World's Favorite Restaurant Publication with readers of all ages and consequently popular with businesses of all sizes as an advertising medium.