Readers' Testimonials

Posted March 17. 2006 06:08:39 from
I enjoy reading Everybody\'s Talking and Quotable Quotes of the Coffee News paper.I like to view the ads to know what is available in the city. Thank You Coffee News. Shelly
Posted March 17. 2006 06:08:10 from
I enjoy reading the many different trivia and facts that are presented.I also like to view the ads to see what is available in the area. Thanks for the read
Posted September 13. 2005 20:07:07 from
Congratulations on the new edition! It looks great! Sandra
Posted September 12. 2005 10:54:43 from
Hey!! This is very Cool and I liked the idea. Ayoub
Posted August 15. 2005 20:43:41 from
At last, we have Coffee News in Fort Mcmurray. I used to enjoy reading itt with my coffee every morning in Saskatchewan. Thank You.
Posted August 07. 2005 02:05:20 from
Excellent Work. Keep it Up.