Clients' Testimonials

"Thank you for producing such a great voice in the community.  Coffee News was my number one source of new clients. All the best,"
Suzanne Beveridge, Owner, PetCheck (and Homes Too)
Fort McMurray, Alberta

"We at Keyano were very, very pleased with the response to our ad in The Coffee News.  As a public institution we don't have a lot of money for advertising and must use our funds with great discretion.  But the response from this ad has probably been the best that we have seen from any single Fort McMurray media ad in the last two years.  Furthermore, Sana has always been a pleasure to deal with.  She is polite, accomodating, responsive and efficient.  We will be doing more advertising with The Coffee News in the future."
Paul Finlayson, Chair Business, Keyano College
Fort McMurray, Alberta

"Hi Sana!!!

First of all YES!!!!  I would love to continue my advertising with you.
I had a lady call me very excited because she just found out that Ft. McMurray actually has a quilt store!  When I asked her how she found out she said it was thru Coffee News at the Tim Hortons.  I thought it was great! I'm getting quiet a few people in who are just finding out about me and it is thru your ad!
Thanks again. "
Teresa, Bear Paw Quilts,
Fort McMurray, Alberta

"Advertising in Coffee News has brought us a lot of attention.  People at the ballfield are commenting on my ad nad our lender in the Vicksburg area has gotten numerous calls from the ad.  Coffee News has really helped increase our visibility in the communities we serve.  We love it!"
Mildred Burt, Manager, Broadway Terrace Appartments
Clinton, MS

"What a great way to target your marketing to a particular community and promote your business!
Chip Sanders Agency, State Farm Insurance
Rankin County, MS

“When we bought our Curves for Women Franchise, my husband asked the people he worked with; ‘Where they thought we should advertise, Coffee News or the local news papers?’ Their response was an overwhelming ‘Coffee News, we read it religiously every week at lunchtime.’ Well I’m glad we did. In the past 6 weeks we’ve been picking up 4-5 new clients per week and most of them are from the Coffee News. Thank you and keep up the great job.”
Curves for Women Kay Mizel, Curves for Women, Gautier, MS

"Customers need it, especially guests from out of town wanting to find out more about our community.  Staff loved the trivia - learn something new everyday."

-- Owner/Operator, Quiznos Sub (Rt.18, Medina)

Many thanks to Coffee News! Through advertising in Coffee News my business clientelle has expanded greatly. Their knowledge and creativity helped to create an eye catching ad for Rake N Roll Yard Works.
Excellent Work!

--Michael (Regina, Saskatchewan)

Coffee News Of Regina is an awesome source of advertising. I own a handy man company that I had advertised through Coffee News. The response was amazing. We have received so many calls through Coffee News that it has far surpassed anything I had expected. It is the only form of advertising I use for my company. It is affordable, effective, it keeps my phone ringing and my week full and people see my message everywhere. The staff at Coffee News is professional, their creative team is excellent. I would recommend Coffee News to anyone who wants to get their message out and create business.

-- A&J Renovations Regina, Saskatchewan, Al Marcia

Coffee News has been a great addition to our marketing. I like the fact that we have control of our message to the readers, from week to week. It's inexpensive and effective.

-- Acceleration Health and Fitness
Regina, Saskatchewan, Poncho

I was surprised at the fact that I have had three responses in the first few weeks directly from Coffee News. I then got a BIG job from it so I'm really impressed and have renewed again for 6 weeks.

Sign 2 U, Greg Edwards

"This publication has put my name and face out there in the Medina area. I get calls on it at least twice a week to say how nice this publication is and how informative it is. They love it!! Keep up the great job!!

 --Realty One, Medina, OH, Realtor Laura Straslicka,

Coffee News is Effective and affordable! Where else can I put my business advertising in front of so many readers at such an affordable price?

--Terra Nova Wines & Spirits, Madison, MS, Phil Perry

"Some of my best customers have come from Coffee News.  It paid for itself with the first phone call.  It's convenient, affordable, but mostly, it's effective."

Lesley Adams, deClutter & DeSign