Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost to advertise in Coffee News?
Rates differ depending on the length of the advertising term. Our rates are considerably less than other print media, allowing small to medium sized companies to get their message across in a cost effective manner. See our rates page for more information or call Sana at 780-880-1203.

Q: How many people read Coffee News?
Each edition of is designed to have about 10,000 readers every week and is distributed to almost all restaurants. It's important to understand that many of our readers actually read several times each week - because they see it all over town, seven days a week. And, most readers look for the new edition each week because they enjoy the content. readers are very loyal readers.

Q: What types of payments can you accept?
We can accept cash, visa and cheque for payment. You pay at the start of each month (a series of post dated cheques works best) until credit is established.

Q: Is there a contract or a minimum?
Because you get better results the longer your ad runs, we have four options for your ads: less than 4 weeks, 4-12 weeks, 13 weeks, 26 weeks and 52 weeks. However, if you have seasonal or event-specific promotional needs then we can deviate from these if it makes sense to do so. Please call us to discuss.

Q: Can I change my ad or do I have to run the same one all the time?
You will get better results if you keep your ad content and message fresh. We encourage you to make changes on a regular basis and we will work with you to create a variety of messages that get you the results you want.

Q: Can I have my ad placed on the front page?
Yes! In fact, your ad will most likely start on the front page. Then, it will rotate so you benefit from being on all parts of the . This exposes your ad to more readership than if it stayed in one place every week.

Q: Where will my ad be seen?
Your ad will be seen in restaurants, delis, coffee shops, cafeterias, libraries, motels and other public and waiting locations all over the city of Fort McMurray.

Q: Can you help me design my ad?
Yes. We will work closely with you to get the right ad for you. If you have another ad already designed or if you want to run a similar ad as in your other ad media we will arrange that as well.

Q: What are your reader demographics?
Our reader demographics will mirror the demographics of people who live, work, shop and dine in the Fort McMurray Community. However, through surveys done over the past 16 years throughout the USA, some constants in readers over the years was found. One constant is that our readers there tend to be about 60% women. Another is that about 65% of our readers there tend to be over 30. (These are rough figures based on national averages.)

Q: How big can my ad be?
You can choose a standard size ad (about the size of a business card) which is 2x3 inches. Or you can select a larger size which is 4x3 inches . All have proven to work well.