Advertising Rates

In   your ad will always be published on the front page or the back page, never lost in the middle!

You will get big savings and best business exposure when you book for longer term. 

The most effective and economical package is the Optimal Package. This is the package we advise most of our loyal clients to choose. For $2,600, we will publish your ad for one full year in 52 issues. This package includes 3 FREE Ad designs, and the option of changing your ad content to promote new products, sales or speical occasions.

The 6-Month Package is for clients interested in this particular period and ready to pay the full contract value upfront. This package comes with one free ad design. Each future changes to the ad design will cost $40.

The Introductory Package is good for our clients who are new to advertising with limited marketing budget. It is good for trial period to feel out the impact of advertising on their business.

The One Month Special is good for advertising timed events which expire in a short time like shows, workshops, classes or elections. 

Advertising is like Exercising...
The longer you do it - the  Better Your Results
Let Coffee News  Exercise your Business!