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Benefit to Advertisers

Here are 8 reasons WHY you should consider advertising in :

  • EXCLUSIVE: - Your ad is the ONLY ad from your industry or profession. No competitive ads are allowed. 

  • REPETITION: - Your ad is in front of thousands of people every week - 7 days a week. This constant repetition of your message and brand makes your business familiar to the people in your community. Your name recognition increases EVERY WEEK. 

  • FLEXIBLE: - Because is a weekly publication, you can change your ad often. By keeping your ad fresh and your offers current, you keep people interested in your products or service. 

  • LOYAL: - Coffee News readers are loyal. They read every week and they support local businesses. They are the BEST customers in town. 

  •  FAST: - Because is a fast read, people take time to look at the ads - including YOUR ad. 

  • EFFECTIVE: - uses 17 design techniques to make sure your ad gets seen by readers. It was designed this way from the ground up. 

  • FUN & POSITIVE: - People like to read because it's fun and it's positive. No bad news here! This puts your ad in a positive light. People are receptive to your message because they associate it with something they enjoy.

  • AFFORDABLE: - costs are extremely affordable. Many advertisers tell us works better for them than other print media that costs 5 or 6 times as much. You Benefit From The Positive Association with .  It  is designed to make sure your advertisment gets as much (or more) of the reader's attention as they read the content. And we use 17 different design and super-learning techniques to make sure your ad gets seen.