Advertising Contract


Coffee News reserves the right to change its' media charges, provided that this right shall not apply to the media charges noted in this contract.

Start dates:    

Start dates indicated on the contract are tentative and thereby subject to change. Client will be notified of any delay in start date.


The Client/Agency, if any, agrees to monthly invoicing in advance of their display dates. The undersigned who is named on the front under "contact", personally guarantees to pay the amount of this contract. Coffee News reserves the right to require full payment on outstanding balances (including balances within the current period of under 30 days) prior to processing renewal contracts.

Penalty Charge:          

The Client/Agency, if any, agrees to pay a penalty charge of 2% per month on balances owing 30 days past due.

The Client/Agency, if any, agrees to pay any and all collection and /or legal fees, incurred by Coffee News, in the event such services are required to settle this account.

N.S.F. Charge:           

The Client/Agency, if any, agrees to pay a $25 service charge for each cheque that is returned N.S.F.


The Client/Agency, if any, has complete responsibility and liability for the content of any advertisement displayed for the Client/Agency by Coffee News including all texts, representations and warranties. Coffee News assumes no liability or responsibility for the character or content of any advertisement including the subject matter, text representations or warranties.


The Client/Agency, if any, agrees to and is responsible to indemnify and hold Coffee News, its' principals and employees harmless against any claims, actions or proceedings arising out of, or relating to, any advertising carried and/or displayed by Coffee News for the client hereunder and agrees to indemnify Coffee News for all costs and expenses arising out of, or relating to, any such claim, action or proceeding.


Coffee News reserves the right to refuse displaying any and all advertisements which it deems objectionable or detrimental to it's business. All advertisements must conform to the requirements of Coffee News management and the Canadian Advertising Bureau's Code of Ethics.


Coffee News reserves the right to cancel any contract at any time due to non-payment of account or any breach of the conditions described herein. In the event of Client/Agency cancellation of the contract before the final end date, the Client/Agency will be charged-back the amount owing had no discounts been applied. For example, to cancel a 6month contract after 3 months the Client/Agency will be charged back the difference between the 3-month weekly investment and the 6-month weekly investment. A minimum of thirty (30) days written notice, prior to the first day of any given month, is required to cancel a contract. No such cancellation shall be effective unless, and until, the contract has been displayed for four(4) consecutive weeks. Verbal notice is acceptable if, and only if, confirmed in writing and recieved by Coffee News within seven (7) days.

Copy Deadline:          

All new and revised advertising copy and instructions must be provided to Coffee News a minimum of seven (7) business days in advance of display dates.