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has the week's funniest and most unusual news stories, jokes, trivia, amazing facts, and more. Full of positive, fun stories and trivia. was designed as an alternative to expensive traditional print advertising. It is a big breath of fresh air to millions of readers who are tired of hearing only bad news.

has won many awards, the most recent are the Enterpreneur Magazine's Top 500 Franchises, where it was ranked the first in its category and number 128 out of 500.

Each week our "What's Happening" section covers local events and activities in Fort McMurray that are free, open to the public and sponsored by nonprofit community groups, schools and local governments. Please look for each week at various locations in Fort McMurray.

For the locations nearest you, please email CoffeeNews@eljamal.com and we'll get back to you with a brief list . Alternatively, click on Our Distributing Parntners on this website and read through the list of distributors.

(Right to left) The late Jean Daum, (Founder of Coffee News, World Head Office) with Sana Elache (Publisher of Fort McMurray Coffee News edition)